For an organisation that tries to lean into the fun side of "being evil" they don't appear to have much of a sense of humour
The Esports Gospel #20Listen now (57 min) | The battle for the soul of esports has already been fought and lost. The esportswashing is working as the Saudi Arabian state…
Before the history is laid out you have to know the methods and the jargon. Esports matchfixing has its own methods that aren't mirrored in the sports…
The Ukrainian publication shamelessly exploits their readers emotions with poisonous rhetoric and wonky reporting
Once synonymous with the Evil geniuses brand, Syed "SumaiL" Hassan has filed suit against the new ownership of EG
The Esports Gospel #19Listen now (60 min) | The death of an American dream... How Peak6 purchased one of the biggest names in esports history and turned Evil Geniuses into a…
Before we tell the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offfensive match-fixing we really need to understand how the scene and indeed myself got to this…
The Saudi Arabian owned esports group starts to bring major esports events to Riyadh with it's Dota 2 operations
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